Joseph V. Meyer of Rogers, AR, informed the Ozark Society that his son Thomas C. Meyer, age 43, passed away 16 March, 2020.

Tom’s health was severely affected by a tick bite which infected him with Alpha Gal allergy.  He had this allergy since 1995 and, because it was not well understood at that time, it was misdiagnosed for many years. This condition starts with high fever, ache joints, insomnia, serious upset stomach pains, memory loss, and brain fog.

In Tom’s case it was not until 2017 that a doctor in Bentonville identified him as having Alpha Gal, an allergy to mammal products transmitted by a tick.  Today, with an early diagnosis one can manage the allergy with therapeutics and a proper diet so it is possible to go on to live a healthy life.

Starting in the Spring of 2018 Joseph Meyer began making announcements at various Ozark Society meetings concerning his son’s health and attempted to educate the society of the dangers of this Alpha Gal allergy. Everyone is urged to get a tick panel test if any of these symptoms appear.

In 2011 Tom and Joseph were able to join the OS Colorado trip for rafting.  Two rafters decided to run Brown’s canyon during high water event and Tom was the bow man on one of the rafts. According to his dad, he loved every minute of it.

Joseph wrote this ode for about son Tom:

I know what the soul is.  A memory divine.

It floats in the ether where one is enshrined.

I know where the pain goes when we are apart.

It flies like an arrow and pierces the heart.

Joseph V. Meyer