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Contact: Wayne Kiefer

The MOONLIGHT paddle is on ! NOT at Lake Bistineau.  It is too low so we will paddle the RED RIVER similar to last year. We will meet at 7pm at SCIPORT in downtown S-port and launch next to the bridge.  (Stoner launch is unusable). From there we will paddle north about a quarter mile past the sandbar just north of the casinos on the east side of the bank just past Margaritaville. This is slightly less distance than last year. We will launch around 7:30 and paddle to the sandbar with arrival prior to dark. A power boat will carry our chairs, coolers and firewood for the bon fire. Tom Perry, in the boat, will go and prepare the fire and landing area. It is about a mile to the second sand bar from Sciport and it has a perfect shoreline to pull our boats onto. Current is minor and very little debris on the  river. Conditions are good.

So bring food, drinks, and a chair. I will bring hotdog sticks to cook over the fire. Marshmallows are welcome. We can hang around there as long as we like. The boat will be there as a safety boat as we travel back in the MOONLIGHT. Last year we went back as two groups – One group left just after dark to return and the second stayed until after 10 Pm.

PLEASE bring your PFD, and a flashlight . We shouldn’t see much boat traffic and if you do just flash him with your light. As a group we will paddle directly to the east side of the river to avoid any boats entering and exiting 12 Mile Bayou. Staying on the east bank will keep you out of a swift current on the bend of the river and bring you
directly to our sandbar. REMINDER if there is a wake coming ,face it with your bow/nose pointing directly into it. Do NOT get sideways.  We had no problems last year but new people may not know.

Need a boat to paddle?  Let Roy or myself know by Thursday morning. Look forward to a great paddle again. Weather is great for this. Thanks and God bless.

Wayne K.
Chairman BCOS
Email or txt me direct for questions wkiefer59@gmail.com