History and Mission

The challenge goes on. There are other lands and rivers, other wilderness areas, to save and to share with all. I challenge you to step forward to protect and care for the wild places you love best.” Dr. Neil Compton, Ozark Society founder

The Ozark Society

Founded in 1962, the Ozark Society is one of the oldest regional conservation organizations in Arkansas. The Ozark Society was created to preserve wild and scenic rivers, wilderness, and unique natural areas in the Ozark-Ouachita region and surrounding lowlands. In 1972, the Ozark Society’s efforts to protect the Buffalo River from dams proposed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers led to congressional designation of the Buffalo as the first National River in the nation. Today, Ozark Society chapters in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Missouri continue the work of natural resources conservation, education, and recreation in their areas.

The Ozark Society Foundation

Established in 1975, the Ozark Society Foundation supports and promotes conservation, education and recreation activity in the Ozark-Ouachita region and surrounding lowlands. Governed by a volunteer board, the Foundation is a major publisher of high-quality conservation and nature-related books about the Ozark-Ouachita mountains region, with all proceeds supporting the public policy and education mission of the Ozark Society. Since 1967, more than two dozen publications on the natural environment and conservation issues have been produced by the Ozark Society and the Ozark Society Foundation, including canoe and hiker guidebooks, natural and cultural histories, and field guides. The Ozark Society Foundation and the Ozark Society are IRS recognized non-profit corporations, organized under provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the Ozark Society Foundation and the Ozark Foundation Endowment Fund are generally deductible for tax purposes.

Ozark Society Foundation, P.O. Box 2914, Little Rock AR 72203