The Ozark Society Foundation Endowment Fund

The Ozark Society (OS) and the Ozark Society Foundation (OSF) boards have voted to establish a permanent Endowment Fund with the Arkansas Community Foundation (ACF) serving as the Fund Manager. The OSF will have oversight of the Endowment Fund and ACF activity.   Additional information about the fund is available from Marvin Schwartz at

The OSF Board will decide on an operating plan for the Foundation Endowment Fund and the timing of the investment. Final operating decisions will be completed by January 2021 or shortly thereafter, In the future, donors will be recognized for pledges made as part of an estate will or other ways. ACF can assist with these legacy decisions.

At this time, OS and OSF are asking for contributions to a Seed Fund account to meet the minimum investment required without dipping into the OSF reserves.

Minimum investment for the permanent Foundation Endowment Fund is $10,000. Of that amount, $3,000 has been raised by gifts from:

  • David and Donna Peterson, Ozarks Sponsor
  • Brian Thompson, Ozarks Sponsor
  • Rex and Sandy Robbins, Ozarks Sponsor

An “Ozarks Sponsor” is one who has made a Gift or Pledge to the Fund over $1000 and up to $10,000.

The Endowment Fund will have long-term benefit for both OS and OSF.  Please consider a contribution to allow the OSF to fund this program without detracting from our other efforts. Contributions can be made online using the Donations page of this website.