Ozark Society Youth  Grant Program

The Ozarks Society Grant project began in 2020 and has been awarding nonprofits and schools throughout the Ozark and Ouachita region with grants between $500 and $3,000 annually for conservation efforts centered around youth. Grant proposals are only accepted during the grant windows in the winter and early summer.  Applications must be submitted online. Proposals should be completed in one year and a report is due upon completion. For more information or with questions regarding grants, email Grant Administrator.

Ozark Society Youth Grants for 2024

Organization: Southside High School

Location: Ft Smith AR
Scope: 56 students in 9th – 12th grade
Proposal Summary: Southside’s Earth Club will reestablish a garden that can qualify to be recognized as a Monarch Waystation.

Project Highlights: This is a student-initiated project, written by a student, in cooperation with the school’s Earth Club. There is a plan to start the garden with continued expansion in the future.

Awarded: $500 for plants, seeds, and garden supplies

Organization: Ozark Riverways Foundation

Location: Pulltite Campground at Ozark National Scenic Riverways
Scope: 75 students in 3rd – 12th grade
Proposal Summary: Ozark Riverways Foundation will partner with Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Ozark Chinquapin Foundation and local schools to provide an educational tree planting event for students.

Project Highlights: This is a single day project that will teach students about the Ozark Chinquapin tree as well as other native trees. The planting will enhance the natural area in the campground.

Awarded: $780 – for trees and supplies to plant the trees

Organization: James River Basin Partnership

Location: Ozark, MO
Scope: 40 at-risk students 6th – 12th grade
Proposal Summary: Riparian zone remediation in the James River Watershed

Project Highlights: At-risk students will benefit from education regarding riparian areas and the benefits of native plantings as well as participate in the restoration.

Awarded:  $1332 – for seeds, trees, tools

Organization: Heritage High School Friends of the Earth

Location: Rogers AR
Scope: 50 students 9th-12th grade
Proposal Summary: Plan to divert food waste through a compost system

Project Highlights: This is a student initiated project, written by a student, in cooperation with the school’s Earth Club. The food waste diversion has had some success and an additional/larger compost bin is needed.

Awarded: $430 – for compost bin materials

Organization: Springdale Public Schools-Helen Tyson Middle School

Location: 5 Schools in Springdale Public Schools
Scope: 60 EAST students from 6th – 12th grade
Proposal Summary: NatureVista Explorations: A Virtual Adventure for Young Explorers

Project Highlights: The committee was enthusiastic about the overall project using photography to create environmental films in partnership with Illinois River Watershed Partnership to share with community members..

Awarded:  $1750 – for needed equipment

Organization: Fayetteville High School Retold Recycling

Location: Fayetteville AR
Scope: 60 students 9th – 12th grade
Proposal Summary: Eco-Fashion Club is a student organization focused on reducing clothing consumerism, researching upcycling and repurposing used clothing,

Project Highlights: This is a student initiated project addressing conservation/environmental issues in the textile industry. There is a good plan for returning as much clothing as possible to useful purposes.

Awarded: $647 for bags to send out fabric that can not be upcycled or thrifted

 Organization: Botanical Garden of the Ozarks at West Fork Public Library

Location: West Fork Public Library
Scope: 18 teens 6th – 12th grade
Proposal Summary: Expansion of the Teen Talk Butterfly Program and Garden
Project Highlights:
This project engages teens in the care and education of the community about butterfly propagation as well as establishing a demonstration butterfly garden for the community.

Awarded:  $1500 for native garden and pergola structure

 Organization: Malvern School District

Location: Malvern AR
Scope: 100 students 6th-8th grade from 10-12 rural and central Arkansas school districts
Proposal Summary: Boys Bat Bonanza

Reason behind approval/partial denial: This environmental education program will teach boys about bat conservation as well as other related education and conservation topics. Bird and bat houses will be installed as part of a community conservation project.

Awarded:  $1500 for bird and bat house kits