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Ozark Society Youth Grant 

The Ozark Society (OS) accepts proposals for Youth Engagement grants from local organizations working with students in environmental and conservation efforts.  Grants will be awarded to organizations who encourage young people (K-12) to engage in environmental awareness and conservation in the Ozark and/or Ouachita region. Proposals are only accepted during the Grant window November through January.  The next Youth Grant application period for 2024-2025 will open November 3, 2024 and close February 1, 2025

OS typically funds projects that start with the community and start with the young people. Funds will generally range between $500 and $3000 depending on the scope and needs of the project. Funds may be combined with other sources of funds to increase the size / impact of the project.  Funds may not be used for administrative operating expenses, including but not limited to postage, billing, computer software or systems, rentals, paper goods, food/beverages, or social functions. Direct costs, such as paying teaching staff, is permitted only for nonprofits. Past projects awarded grants by the OS Grant Committee engaged young people in hands-on learning, service learning, community projects, and advocacy.

 Grant Requirements:

All grant projects should align with the Ozark Society’s mission: Our principal purpose is the preservation of wild and scenic rivers, wilderness, and unique natural areas. A greater understanding of our mission can be gained by researching the Ozark Society at

All grant projects should engage youth in some way.

Applicants should be associated with a 501c3 organization or an accredited K-12 school (Checks will not be made out to individuals.)

Projects Should take place in an area where the Ozark Society is active.  The includes Western and Central Arkansas, Southern Missouri, Northwestern Louisiana, and parts of Eastern Oklahoma.  For more clarification email

Preferences will go to:

New projects that have not previously received funding from the Ozark Society

Projects that include hands-on learning, service projects, and/or tangible outcomes. OS wants to see active engagement, not passive learning

Small nonprofits with under 25 full-time employees or an annual budget of less than $500,000

Projects that take place within the region that the Ozark Society serves, including the Ozark, Ouachita, River Valley, and Bayou regions as well as the nearby watersheds.

Organizations that are NOT funded by county, state, or federal governments

Projects that engage students in lasting conservation efforts that will have long term outcomes

Projects that serve marginalized communities, low income families, communities of color, and diverse ethnic groups

Who OS will not fund:

Direct grants to individuals

Political campaigns, events, or lobbying activities

Projects serving religious purposes

Any use not specified in the grant proposal and budget

Projects that take place outside the scope of the Ozark Society’s region

International organizations based outside the United States

Organizations that are fully funded by county, state, or federal tax dollars

 Grant Timeline:

  • Applications open again  November 3rd 2024
  • Deadline for applications is midnight on February 1st 2025

Application Requirements:

Application must be filled out and submitted by the deadline.

Applications should be submitted through Google Forms (you do not need a Google account to fill out the form)

Questions can be emailed to the head of the OS student engagement committee at:


Projects can take place anytime between March 2025 and March 2026

Within 60 days of the completion of the project, the grant report should be submitted for review and approval.

Reports will be due Sunday, March 30th 2026 and should include:

  •   An impact report that describes the scope of the project
  •   A description of how the objectives of the grant were achieved
  •   A budget report detailing how the funds were used

Did you face any challenges in connection with this project?  If so, how did you address these challenges?

  •   Description of how the Ozark Society was recognized
  •   At least one photograph of the project in action
  •   At least one example of students’ work or engagement

If the grant requirements were not met and the report does not show that the funds were used as the grant outlines, the Ozark Society may ask for a partial or full reimbursement of the grant funds. 

Links to Apply:

Click HERE to view the budget example

Click HERE TO APPLY for the grant through Google Forms (you do not need a Google account to apply) 

If you received funding last year, please submit your grant report HERE.

Tip: it is best to write the grant in a document that can be saved and then copy and paste into the form.