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Ozark Society Book Store

All the publications listed in the order form linked below are sold to individuals. Books and maps owned by the Ozark Society are also sold to retailers. For more information about Ozark Society Publications, contact: Mary Gordon, ,, or Ozark Society Books, PO Box 2914, Little Rock, AR 72203.

We’re currently in the process of updating our store. You can view our products on the PDF order form below. ALL PURCHASES FOR ITEMS ON THE ORDER FORM MUST BE SUBMITTED BY MAIL.

Fill in and send form via US Mail to Ozark Society Books, PO Box 2914, Little Rock, AR 72203. Please note that the book “Trees, Shrubs, and Vines” is no longer available.

Book Order Form

The Ozark Society as founded in 1962 as an organized effort to save the Buffalo River from proposed dams. After a 10-year struggle, the Buffalo River was designated as America’s first National River in 1972. In order to further its aims of conservation, education and recreation, the Ozark Society Foundation was formed in 1967. Its first published book was Kenneth L. Smith’s The Buffalo River Country. Since then more than 25 publications have been produced by the Ozark Society and the Ozark Society Foundation, under the Ozark Society Books designation. In addition, Ozark Society Books markets other quality outdoor publications as a service to purchasers with a 10% discount to current members.

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