The Neil Compton Award

The Neil Compton Award is given to individuals who embody the inspiration, dedication, and perseverance of the Ozark Society founder and first president, Dr. Neil Compton, in conserving our natural resources in the Ozarks and surrounding regions. To see all the winners click HERE

The Sassafras Hiking Award

The Sassafras Hiking Award is given for individuals who hike all four major regional trails:
The Ouachita Trail – Talimena State Park OK to Pinnacle Mountain State Park AR, 223 miles
The Ozark Highlands Trail – Lake Fort Smith to Woolum and Spring Creek to Matney Knob, 196.6 miles
The Buffalo River Trail – Boxley to Prewitt, 37 miles + Woolum to Dillard’s Ferry, 42 Miles
The Ozark Trail – Western Trailhead of Eleven Point Section to Onondaga Trailhead, 217.5 miles

For information on how to receive this award, please go to the Sassafras Hiking Award page HERE.

The Sassafras Literary Award

The Sassafras Literary Award is for Excellence in Environmental Writing.  It extends the Ozark Society’s history of recognizing and publishing books that educate the public on regional conservation issues.

For information on how this award is administered, please go to the Sassafras Literary Award page HERE.

The Ozark Society Youth Grant Program

The Youth Grant program is designed to encourage school students in environmental research and discovery by providing funds to groups engaging in special projects.  Proposals are only accepted during the grant window from November through January. Applications must be submitted online.  Proposals should be completed in one year and a report is due upon completion.  For more information or with questions regarding grants, email  Grant Administrator.

For more information and the most recent winners click HERE.

The Compton Scholarship

The Compton Scholarship at the University of Arkansas is awarded to a Junior or Senior whose major course of study is biological sciences or geosciences.  Preference is given to students with a thesis or special project in the protection of the environment of the Ozarks or Ouachita mountain regions.   To donate to the scholarship fund, go to our Donation page HERE.

The Hedges Scholarship in Ornithology

The Harold and Martha Hedges Scholarship is for students studying Ornithology at the University or Arkansas.  To donate to the scholarship fund, go to our Donation page HERE.