The recently established Ozark Society Foundation Endowment is a good opportunity for those of us who want to provide long term stable financial funding for conservation activities for the Ozark Society Foundation and the Ozark Society. The Endowment is managed by The Arkansas Community Foundation in Little Rock which manages over $400 million in assets for more than 2,000 funds.

The Ozark Society Foundation Endowment establishes a pool of money which will pay yearly returns to the OSF for working capital while maintaining and increasing the initial investments for the long term. All contributions are fully tax deductible and there are additional special services that the Arkansas Community Foundation provides.

The easiest way to contribute is ONLINE via credit or debit card. Go to online/?fund=Ozark+Society+Foundation+Endowment. Or you can send cash or a check in behalf of OSF Endowment to:

Arkansas Community Foundation
5 Allied Drive, Suite 51110
Little Rock, AR, 72202

One special service Arkansas Community Foundation offers is assistance for Planned Giving, which can include stock, real estate, retirement and insurance distributions, crops/timber, or farmland. Chief Development Officer at ACF, Ashley Coldiron, at 501-372-1116, can handle the details for you.

There may be tax benefits for giving through ACF. For example, required minimum withdrawals from IRA’s funneled through ACF to the Ozark Society Foundation Endowment may not incur federal income taxes.

Chris Spatz, the newest member of the OSF board, has volunteered to be our contact person if you have questions or want guidance through the procedure. Chris can be reached via e-mail:, or by phone: 501-428-6031. Chris is a congenial retired professor of psychology at Hendrix College.