By Brian Thompson, Ozark Society President

    I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty careful with my charitable contributions.  Sometimes I really like the organization, but I’m not sure I trust their board.   Are they spending in a responsible way?

    That is one reason why I like The Ozark Society Endowment, managed by The Arkansas Community Foundation.   The money I contribute, adds to principal that is not accessible to the board, but instead throws off efficient annual income in perpetuity.   For a non-profit like The Ozark Society, it is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

    In addition, not only can I make a cash contribution, I can give them those decades old shares of Wal-Mart that I’m hesitant to sell due to the horrendous capital gains, allowing the full value to support The Ozark Society’s mission, while providing me with a sizeable tax deduction.   You can do this with real estate as well.   And don’t forget you can donate from required minimum distributions allowing you to avoid those taxes.   Finally, if you are interested in a gift to the Ozark Society from your estate, the good folks at The Arkansas Community Foundation can advise you on legacy giving.

    So, please consider the “gift that keeps on giving” as a way to support The Ozark Society into the next millennia.  You can make a cash donation here.

     Or, for questions on the other options mentioned, you can call Ashley Coldiron at The Arkansas Community Foundation:  501 372-1116   Ask about The Ozark Society Endowment.