Dr. Kimberly Smith

Dr. Kimberly Gray (Kim) Smith, member of the board of the Ozark Society Foundation since fall 2011 and chair since January 2013, passed away unexpectedly on April 9.  As a Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, he served in many roles and oversaw and collaborated on research in many areas, resulting in over 300 professional publications.  Four days before he died, Kim gave his retirement seminar, in which he said: “Be curious, be creative, challenge yourself to learn new things… and have fun doing what you do… I did.”

Roy Senyard

Roy was a lifelong advocate and lover of the outdoors. He spent decades working to preserve the integrity and beauty of the Arkansas wilderness through his passion for caring for The Ozark Highlands Trail. He was the longtime Maintenance Coordinator for the OHT, organizing the volunteers who keep the trail open by cutting back the side growth of trees and shrubs.

If there was meaningful trail work to be done, Roy was the first person on the scene. Had trees from a storm fallen and blocked the trail? Roy gathered a team together and off they headed to clear the trail passage. Is trail maintenance hard work? It certainly can be. But Roy was so much fun to be with, and so friendly — the crew members just wanted to be with him. He joked, he laughed, he taught newbies the ropes. He made the work fun, plus it was all for the great benefit of Arkansas’s beloved Ozark Highlands Trail. Wow, could he run a chainsaw! And his attention to safety and technique was impeccable.