By Orlo Stitt, Holistically Green Living

  1. Change bulbs and tubes to LED
  2. Turn off lights.
  3. Teach your children and spouse to turn off lights.
  4. Ask your employer to turn off the lights.
  5. Install a low-flow shower head.
  6. Take showers instead of baths.
  7. Take shorter showers.
  8. Walk places—instead of driving.
  9. Ride a bike to where you want to go.
  10. Have your home H.E.R.S. Tested by a Certified Rater
  11. Make improvements based on H.E.R.S. rating results.
  12. Add weather stripping—around doors and windows.
  13. Caulk/foam air leaks—around pipes, wires, and cracks.
  14. Add insulation to your ceiling and walls.
  15. Replace your water heater—gas or electric–with a heat pump water heater.
  16. Replace your stove with an induction unit—you will really like it!
  17. Plant trees—coniferous to the north and west.
  18. Plant trees—deciduous to the south and east.
  19. Mow less grass—mowing takes gas.
  20. Or buy an electric mower and weed-eater and charge it with sunshine.
  21. Replace lawn with drought-tolerant Xeriscaping.
  22. Sell or trade the “ole gas guzzler” car.
  23. Drive a hybrid car, a plug-in hybrid, or an all-electric car (check for tax credits).
  24. Buy a pre-owned plug-in car—take a $4000 tax credit.
  25. Buy a new EV—made in the USA—and take a $7,500 tax credit.
  26. Ride the bus or commute by train.
  27. Plant a vegetable garden and orchard—harvest the veggies and fruit.
  28. Turn your thermostat down in winter—put on a sweater, blanket, shawl, or jacket.
  29. Add ceiling fans with an LED light—you can be comfortable at a higher temperature.
  30. Buy a solar system with no down payment—take a 30% tax credit—reduce your utility bill to near zero. In effect, swap your utility bill for a solar loan payment that is finite in the future.
  31. Buy additional solar panels for your solar system—take a 30% tax credit.
  32. Add a battery to your solar system and take a 30% tax credit—add efficiencies and plan for power outages.
  33. Make a list—to save a second or third trip to the store.
  34. Install a solar-operated skylight—to facilitate flow-through ventilation–for a 30% tax credit.
  35. Change your diet—eat less, lose weight, live healthier.
  36. Eat less or no meat—go vegan—enjoy food more, and likely live longer.
  37. Wash clothes with cold water.
  38. Travel by car, train instead of plane
  39. Meet, greet, and do business virtually or by phone.
  40. Turn off “Ghost Loads” when not in use.
  41. Clean your HVAC filters—good air circulation of clean air is so important.
  42. Check the air in your tires—low pressure decreases mileage—operate as specified.
  43. Drive 60 mph—instead of 75—and it is safer too.
  44. Shutdown your Central HVAC—add one or several mini-splits.\
  45. Raise/lower shades or curtains—depending on weather and sunshine.
  46. Replace old shades or curtains with tubular shades—it is like adding window insulation.
  47. Replace toilets with dual-flush units.
  48. Shut the doors and close the vents in rooms not in use.
  49. In winter, lower the thermostat at night and add a blanket.
  50. Compost your waste—use it for soil and planting later.