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19 09, 2018

David Peterson’s Response to Jack Boles – Arkansas Democrat Gazette

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Jack Boles, President of the Newton County Farm Bureau, has questioned a column by Mike Masterson which quotes from the Big Creek Research and Extension Team’s (BCRET) recent report of monitoring of the C&H Hog Farm in the Buffalo National River watershed.  See, “Argument Flawed” 8-30-18.  Since the Arkansas Farm Bureau is funding C&H’s legal fight to keep its operation alive, one can hardly expect objectivity from Mr. Boles.  But in this case, Mr. Boles is proving a larger point.  It is undisputed that excess nutrients in the Buffalo River create algae blooms which in turn cause water quality degradation.  Farming activities (hogs, chicken and cattle), the attendant conversion of forest to pasture and the resulting animal wastes are the primary cause of the decline in water quality in the Buffalo River.  Mr. Boles and his organization appear to be just fine with this. But let’s look more closely at the point Mr. Boles tries to make.  He claims that BCRET’s monitoring Field 5a is not receiving wastes from C&H and thus Mr. Masterson’s statement that C&H’s waste is leaving Field 5a is “cherry picking the facts.”  What Mr. Boles fails to inform your readers is that the Field 5a catchment [...]

7 09, 2018

Alice Andrews to Receive a 2018 Neil Compton Award

By |2018-12-10T14:34:16-06:00September 7th, 2018|Categories: Fall 2018, Pack & Paddle|

Join Us as We Celebrate Alice Andrew’s Neil Compton Award “Ozark Alice” Andrews of Little Rock is a more than 40-year member of the Ozark Society and is honored as the latest recipient of the Neil Compton Award for her tireless work in conservation. Alice has served extended terms as Ozark Society President and Conservation Chair, finding herself in the middle of many conservation battles to preserve water and air quality and wilderness areas in Arkansas. For all her work in conservation, many of us most fondly recall and deeply appreciate her leadership in helping to organize extended trips on the Buffalo River. We will celebrate Alice’s Neil Compton Award on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 80 Belle River Point, Maumelle, AR, 72113 at Janet and Alan Nye’s home on the Arkansas River. We will party from 4:30 pm until 7:00 pm. Be there as President David Peterson presents the award to Alice at 5 pm. At Alice’s request, the celebration will be a fund raiser to benefit the Ozark Society’s efforts to preserve and protect the Buffalo National River. Effective now until October 20, 2018, Legal Fund donations honoring Alice Andrews and Dr. Doug James, our most recent recipients of [...]

12 01, 2018

Hog Farm Permit Update

By |2019-08-12T11:10:54-05:00January 12th, 2018|Categories: News & Updates|

From The Arkansas Times on Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 5:45 PM: ADEQ denies C&H Hog Farm permit Posted By Lindsey Millar   The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality has denied a new permit for the C&H Hog Farms' concentrated animal feeding operation near Mount Judea (Newton County). This is a big and somewhat surprising victory for critics who have viewed C&H's large-scale pig farm and the pig waste it generates as an existential threat to the Buffalo National River. This means the controversial pig farm must shut down unless the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission grants a stay. C&H can appeal ADEQ's decision to the APC&EC within 30* days. If C&H elects to do that, that review must happen "as expeditiously as possible" and a final decision must be handed down within 60 days unless all parties agree on an extension, according to APC&EC administrative rules. If the APC&EC denies the appeal, it is believed that C&H could appeal the decision to circuit court or the Arkansas Court of Appeals. C&H has been controversial since it won an ADEQ permit for its hog farm in 2012** in a process that critics complained was flawed and did not sufficiently take into [...]

29 10, 2017

Hog Farm Permit

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Months of delay Hog Factory Permit By Mike Masterson This article is re-printed with Mike Masterson's permission from the Democrat Gazette published 10/29/17.  Call me cynical, skeptical, realistic or an unapologetic voice for the welfare and preservation of the only Buffalo National River we have. Whatever else I might be, I'm not the least surprised our state's bungling Department of Environmental Quality (wheeze) has delayed for over six months (and counting) its decision on whether to permanently re-permit C&H Hog Farms, originally allowed into the river's karst-laden watershed in 2012. This factory with some 6,500 swine has operated for more than a year on an expired permit that was effective for five years until the agency began considering its application for the new one under a different regulation. The re-permitting process included 50 prescribed days of public input that drew 20,000 comments (each requiring an agency response). The agency's long delay makes no sense to me when the reason it gives is needing more time to thoroughly analyze and acknowledge those public responses and discover answers to basic questions it should have demanded before wrongheadedly permitting this factory into our state's most environmentally sensitive region. So what's the real reason behind [...]

31 03, 2017

Mike Masterson Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Column 3/28/17

By |2017-03-31T14:38:15-05:00March 31st, 2017|Categories: News & Updates|

This column appeared in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on 3/28/17: Used with Permission: MIKE MASTERSON: 'Clearly malfeasant' Geologist speaks By Mike Masterson A former 30-year veteran of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (wheeze) has written an explosive letter claiming malfeasance and flawed findings, saying that agency inexplicably failed to consult its own geologists before issuing the original permit to C&H Hog Farms at Mount Judea. Gerald Delevan, previously a geology supervisor at the department, sent a lengthy letter (edited portions below) to Jamal Solaimanian, engineering supervisor of the agency's Water Division, which listed numerous objections to support his assertions. The review and approval of the initial application "to allow the land application and disposal of a large volume of untreated hog waste in the Big Creek watershed under a General Permit ... was at best poorly conceived and poorly executed by Water Division staff," Develan wrote. To his knowledge, he said, the initial application was never reviewed by any geologist throughout the agency before the permit was issued. Delevan said had the geologists been allowed to review the application, it's highly unlikely any of them would have signed off on the proposed permit without requesting geologic data about the locations and [...]

16 12, 2016

Bob Ritchie Memorial Donations

By |2017-01-24T16:13:42-06:00December 16th, 2016|Categories: News & Updates|

If you would like to make a donation to the Ozark Society in memory of Bob Ritchie, please make out a check to "Ozark Society" and write "Bob Ritchie memorial" in the memo line. Checks should be mailed to: Kaye Ewart, Ozark Society Treasurer, 4508 Valley Brook Circle, North Little Rock AR, 72116,

24 10, 2016

Bob Ritchie-Rest in Peace (Update)

By |2016-10-26T08:39:53-05:00October 24th, 2016|Categories: News & Updates|

Bob Ritchie- Ozark Society Treasurer, outdoorsman, and dear friend-has died. Bob also served as President and Vice President of the Society. We will miss our friend Bob tremendously. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. His memorial service will be held at Second Presbyterian Church in Little Rock at 2 pm, Thursday, October 27. The address of Second Presbyterian Church is 600 Pleasant Valley Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas 72227. If you would like to make a donation to the Ozark Society in memory of Bob Ritchie, please make out a check to "Ozark Society" and write "Bob Ritchie memorial" in the memo line. Checks should be mailed to: Alan Nye, 12 Platte Drive, Maumelle AR, 72213. Click here to see Bob's obituary from Roller Funeral Home:   ROBERT E. RITCHIE          

3 05, 2016

Testimony of Pollution by Mike Masterson

By |2016-05-03T14:45:46-05:00May 3rd, 2016|Categories: News & Updates|

The year's most significant meeting of the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission occurred last Friday in Little Rock. Most Arkansans would agree as they learn the alarming news Richard Mays presented there. Mays was representing the Buffalo River Coalition opposed to the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (cough) issuing the permit that allowed C&H Hog Farms to begin spreading millions of gallons of raw waste into the Buffalo National River watershed at Mount Judea. The coalition was there to alert commissioners and the state of evidence collected over a year ago by Dr. Todd Halihan of Oklahoma State University. Working under contract with the Big Creek Research and Extension Team and the Cooperative Extension Service, Halihan used electrical resistivity imaging in March 2015 to show what Mays said is "evidence that there has been and continues to be a possible release of contamination beneath the C&H hog farm." Using slides from Halihan's study, Mays explained how hog waste could be shown through technology. The waste reflects a particular level of electrical conductive signature, which can be charted in colors. Halihan's studies were conducted on waste-spray fields and beneath the facility. The slides used at Mays' presentation, which appear to reveal [...]

20 04, 2016

“Science and Song” Event for BNR – June 7

By |2016-06-22T21:36:37-05:00April 20th, 2016|Categories: News & Updates|

Join us for an evening of "Science and Song"  on June 7.  This coalition event will feature Still on the Hill, a wonderful couple who write and sing their nature-themed songs, and Dr. John Van Brahana, nationally recognized hydrogeologist and Professor Emeritus, University of Arkansas Fayetteville.  He will speak about his research, dye studies and data collected in and around Mt. Judea, Big Creek, caves, springs, etc.   Refreshments will be served. The event takes place at the Unitarian Church, 1818 Reservoir Rd., Little Rock AR from 6 - 7:30pm. (Don't confuse it with Unity Church on the same street.) Bring a friend!  


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