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7 06, 2021

The Buffalo River Trail Update

By |2021-06-30T15:40:28-05:00June 7th, 2021|Categories: Pack & Paddle, Summer 2021|

We had good weather and a good turnout for the Spring '21 Buffalo River Trail work session. Our goal for the week was construction of 1/4 mile of new trail to complete the 28-mile segment east of US-65 that was started in 2005. The work site was near Little Rocky Creek, north of Marshall and between Red Bluff and South Maumee roads. The fun began Friday March 26 with 4 of us setting flags to mark the exact route and then clearing a corridor - raking away all organic matter to expose the soil in a 3- foot-wide path and then digging out all vegetation and small rocks to create a walkable path. This continued Saturday and Sunday with about 10 people. One of the notable features of this route is "The Ditch" where the trail would have to drop steeply 15-20' to cross a small creek below a waterfall and then climb steeply up the other side. It was apparent all along that a lot of stone steps would have to be constructed here and I wondered if we would even be able to finish within the week. A few of our more-experienced trail builders looked at it from [...]

7 12, 2020

Buffalo River Trails Maintenance Update

By |2020-12-07T12:33:32-06:00December 7th, 2020|Categories: Pack & Paddle, Winter 2020|Tags: |

For several years, construction on the Buffalo River Trail had been stalled due to a reroute needed near Little Rocky Creek (between Red Bluff Rd and South Maumee Rd). NPS notified me a couple days before Thanksgiving that we now have clearance to construct that reroute so I give thanks to the folks at NPS for making that happen. Turnout for the Autumn ‘20 trail work session in late October was small, hampered by the pandemic and perhaps by threats of copious rain as well. Without clearance to work on the reroute, we spent time on high-priority maintenance instead. On Friday I hiked into an area where the trail crosses a power line clearing in Boone Hollow. Due to the lack of forest canopy the brush grows fast and thick so this is one of our maintenance headache areas. I carved a path through the brush and began filling a big hole in the trail where a tree’s root ball used to be. The temperature dropped about 20 degrees and occasional wind gusts caused showers of yellow leaves. More people arrived Friday PM and Saturday AM. 4 of us headed to the Woolum area to address one of our biggest [...]

26 08, 2020

Fall Buffalo River Trail Construction – October 26-30th

By |2020-08-26T15:10:35-05:00August 26th, 2020|Categories: Fall 2020, Pack & Paddle|Tags: |

Mark your calendar! The Fall '20 Buffalo River Trail construction session is October 26-30. I and perhaps others will be doing some preparatory work the 23rd, 24th, and morning of the 25th as well. We'll be camping at Tyler Bend again in the main campground (sites #22-26 at no charge) so join us for a day, the weekend, or the whole week. I have some good news - for a change - regarding our obstacle at Little Rocky Creek. NPS has found a route they are happy with and has submitted it to the outside agencies that must sign-off on it. Approval will likely not come before September (if at all). I think this area is the last obstacle to an official opening of the trail so this is a high-priority project. Assuming it's approved, I anticipate having access to the work area from the private property above with a walk of about 3/4 mile to the work site, instead of a 2.5-mile hike from Red Bluff Road. NPS will likely have a UTV on-hand at least part of the time to haul tools. If all else fails, there's brush work and repairs that can be done elsewhere. Of course, [...]


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