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“The challenge goes on. There are other lands and rivers, other wilderness areas, to save and to share with all. I challenge you to step forward to protect and care for the wild places you love best.”

– Dr. Neil Compton

Our principal purpose is the preservation of wild and scenic rivers, wilderness, and unique natural areas.

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Time Posted on Oct 4 | author Posted by Carmen

It would be wrong not to commend Gov. Asa Hutchinson for his new plan whereby five state agencies comprising the “Beautiful Buffalo River Action Committee” will create a watershed management plan to help Arkansas secure funding for conservation projects within the environmentally fragile Buffalo National River watershed. The “Beautiful Buffalo” and “action” parts are spot […]
Salmon River Trip 2017

Time Posted on Sep 29 | author Posted by Carmen

Click on this link to the OS Outings Page for information about the 2017 Salmon River Trip.  Participants must register no later than December 1.
UPDATE: Drilling at C&H Hog Farm

Time Posted on Sep 28 | author Posted by Carmen

Alice Andrews, OS Conservation Chair, sent in the following update regarding the bore-hole at C&H: ADEQ Director Betsy Keogh relayed the following information Friday, September 23 at the PC&E monthly meeting: September 21, 2016:   ADEQ’s Hog Waste Pond Integrity Study began on-site. It was a “normal” business as usual day for C & H operations.  […]
BNR-Meetings on Boxley Valley Site Plan

Time Posted on Aug 1 | author Posted by Carmen

This week the National Park Service will hold a series of three meetings at the Boxley Valley Community Center to discuss the site plan for the Boxley Valley Area (including Lost Valley). The purpose of the plan, which will be initiated in late 2016, is to maximize the ability of the NPS to provide continued […]
Drilling to Start On the Buffalo By Mike Masterson

Time Posted on Jul 26 | author Posted by Carmen

Harbor Environmental of Little Rock will get the state contract to drill beneath at least one of the massive waste lagoons at C&H Hog Farms. I’m withholding any festive hooting until this latest move, supposedly to protect our Buffalo National River flowing six miles downstream from the factory, proves valid, appropriate and transparent. After all, […]

Legal Fund Donations

In order to protect the Buffalo River from a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation now operating in the river’s watershed, we are requesting donations for our legal fund for our lawsuit against the FSA and SBA, and for our efforts to ban additional factory hog farms in the Buffalo River watershed.   Click here to see detailed information about our concerns.  You can click the button above to donate online.

If you would rather send a check, please mail it to: The Ozark Society, c/o Bob Ritchie, Treasurer, 707 Pleasant Valley Drive #10, Little Rock, AR 72227.’ Write “Legal Fund’ in the memo line.

The Ozark Society is exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code. Contributions to the Ozark Society are deductible under section 170 of the code.