Photo looking down on the Buffalo National River from the overlook deck along the River View Trail.

Below is the statement of the BNR proposal for use of the Tyler Bend trails to mountain biking.  There is an open comment period until November 6th and you can comment at this site:

Tyler Bend Trails Plan / EA

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Buffalo National River proposes to make improvements to the trail system at Tyler Bend, to allow more and different types of use. This would include improving the accessibility of some trails, and opening others to mountain biking. The purposes of modifying trails at Tyler Bend is to enhance trail sustainability; expand recreational opportunities for visitors in the park; increase visitor use of the established trail system and campgrounds; and to promote the health and well-being of visitors to Buffalo National River.

The park has received multiple requests to include cycling opportunities as a new form of recreation at Buffalo National River. In response to these requests, the park is evaluating the feasibility of converting some hiking trails within the Tyler Bend area (outside of the designated wilderness) to include the use of bicycles. In addition to this planning document, a special rule would be required to allow bicycles on trails in the park; that process is proceeding alongside this planning effort.

This Environmental Assessment (EA) evaluates two alternatives for adapting hiking trails within the Tyler Bend area. This EA also assesses the impacts that could result from continuing to maintain a single-use trail system (no action alternative) or implementation of the two action alternatives. This EA has been prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), NPS Director’s Order 12, and 2015 NPS NEPA Handbook.